Peachy Spring Time Look

I’m an artist at heart, and I love using makeup as a way to express myself. God has created each of us with such unique features and beauties, and makeup is such a fun and versatile way to highlight and accentuate those! 

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Natalia Harrison
DIY Hot Chocolate Body Scrub

This 100% natural body scrub is ultra-hydrating and is the perfect scent to wake up to on a chilly winter morning. Not to mention, it’s the perfect Christmas gift for all your gal pals. But those aren’t the only perks of the scrub. Each ingredient plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy and happy.

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Brittany McVey Comment
Winter Skin Detox

In the harshest dead of winter, when the trees begin to bend under the weight of fresh fallen snow, our bodies tend to feel the same.  It’s been a long year, full of ups and downs, celebrations and heartaches. Our bodies feel that weight, especially in the midst of the holiday season. At the same time, something amazing happens, though. We get a new start. But have we ever thought to give our skin a fresh start?

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Kayleigh Grant Comments
"Wave" Winter Hello

Although I am sad to kiss summer and autumn goodbye, it does not mean I have to let go of the great hair that comes along with the seasons. One of my easiest and favorite hairstyles during the summer season is loose, beachy waves that are perfect for the girl on the go. What if I told you that instead of leaving these easy waves behind with the summer heat, we could in fact "wave" winter a big hello!

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Chantel Byrne Comment

90% of my clientele experiences very dry skin in the colder months. Now, I live in a desert, which is already dry - but adding the cold just makes it that much harder on your skin. One way to keep your skin fresh, smooth, and flake free is to stay on top of a good home-skincare routine and do a good deep-cleaning once a month.

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Kelly Gambino Comment