WINTER 2017 IssuE

Allonzo Armijo Photography, "Becoming a Godly Container"

Sarah Beckman Author, "Becoming a Godly Container"

Chantel Byrne Author, "'Wave' Winter Hello"

Jenna Marie Clark Photography, "Zero Sum Game"

Linette Colwell Author, "The Power of Two" 

Dillon Cordova Photography: "When We Wait Well", "If She Can Do It, I Can Do It?"

Kelly Gambino Author, "Taking Care of Your Skin During the Winter Months"

Jocelyn Garrity "Jackets for Every Shape"

Frankie Gomez Photography, "There's Weight in the Wait", "Ten Things I Am"

Kayleigh Grant Author, "Winter Skin Detox"

Kylie Keller Author, "Ten Absolute Truths"

Maria MacEachen Author, "There's Weight in the Wait"

Brittany McVey Author, "DIY Hot Chocolate Body Scrub" 

Kathleen Motoa Photography, "By Fire", "The Power of Two"

Sarah Newman Author, "If She Can Do It, I Can Do It?" 

Mallory Paige Author, "When We Wait Well"

Sierra Schroff Author, "Climb the Mountain"

Skylar Schroff Photography, "Climb the Mountain" 

Courtney Wood Author, "Beyond the Trends: Creating a Space that Lasts"


FALL 2017 Issue

Chantel Byrne

Stephanie Villa Davis

Stina Kendrick

Jordan McKee

Cassidy Rhodes