Becoming a Godly Container

What does it look like to become the kind of “container” that God can use?  I want to do all I can to love and serve God and be someone he trusts with the loftiest of assignments.  Being a worthy container, or godly instrument— in our workplace, school, church, neighborhood, sports team, organization or family—requires a willingness to cultivate certain qualities.  

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Sarah Beckman Comment
The Power of Two

Our relationships suffer because we walk around in an emotionless time where we send words, pictures or symbols to represent who we are, instead of getting together and actually living life with each other. I truly believe that the enemy wants to do everything he can to hinder our relationships; with God and others. If he can get us to a place of isolation, taking on all of our problems ourselves without the help of God, family or friends, then he has us right where he wants us; depending on ourselves - being “strong” -When we need God. We need each other.

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Linette Colwell Comment
Climb the Mountain

What if the faith God is calling you to doesn’t move the mountain, but demands you climb it. When the prayer isn’t answered, the healing doesn’t come, the restoration doesn’t stick - this is when we are demanded to climb. 

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Sierra Schroff Comment
In the Middle of a Miracle

When it comes to taking steps of faith in our lives, we must choose to remember what God has already proven to us, time and again. The opposite of distraction is attention - so what are you paying attention to? Don't miss the miracle you're already in the middle of.

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