Beyond the Trends: Creating a Space that Lasts

Courtney Wood is one half of a mother-daughter interior design team based in Dallas, with projects and clients throughout the United States. Courtney specializes in designing interior spaces and building residential homes and commercial properties.

Hi there, fellow lover of beautiful things. My name is Courtney, but my friends and family call me "CoCo". With each client that my mom and I take, we have a special opportunity to provide a beautiful space for their family, friends or colleagues that they would feel welcomed and at home. Our goal in every project is to design a space better than anything they could envision. We strive to implement classic design in our projects so our clients do not feel as if they have to constantly update their space with the ever-changing trends in the interior design world.

Why "classic vs. trendy"? Classic design will always be “in”, and it is easier to add or take away as the years go on. Trendy design is ever-changing and will go out of style within a few years. The best example of classic design I can give you is my family and my newly designed wedding barn. In May of 2016, my family acquired some land in the small town of Ponder, TX. Initially, my mom desired to build custom farmhouse homes on it. That was the plan - an entire subdivision of farmhouse heaven. I couldn't wait to get started! I was truly estatic over the thought of designing our own spaces for others to make their home. My mom and I were driving one afternoon to meet a client, and for whatever reason I blurted out, “Let's build a wedding barn instead of the farmhouses!” At first I didn’t know where this was coming from, and then I knew it was the Lord. Immediately my mom said, “YES!”. I was shocked. It's a rare moment that I would not have to convince my mom of such a grand idea that would change the course of our future. From that car ride we switched mental gears from building spec homes to building a wedding barn. We named the barn "The Nest at Ruth Farms" in honor of my great grandma, Ruth. 


Since opening our doors, we have seen tremendous response in bookings for weddings and events. Looking back on these past 12 months, all I can see is the Lord. There is no other explanation, than that the Lord did this. Sure - a lot of money, hardwork, and a few tears went into building this barn, but overall this barn is the Lord's! How lucky are we that we get to play a small part in bringing love together and uniting couples under the convent of marriage? It is such an honor, and we can't stop praising the Lord for The Nest. May this be a space that brings Him glory, and love is united. 

Designing The Nest


Thinking about the design of The Nest, it was easy to gather inspiration from The Lord's creation of the land. From an undisturbed skyline that produces the most gorgeous sunsets I've ever witnessed, to the rolling, tree-filled hills that seem to go on forever - The Nest was destined to be a special place. Keeping with our design atheistic of creating a space that is classic vs. trendy, we knew we needed to design not only a functional wedding venue, but the style of the barn needs to last for generations to come. So, all-white everything was the only color choice for the barn. Although the color white is trendy at present time, it will stay on-trend for years to come as it is both classic and clean. Our interior design clients gravitate towards white when they want a fresh look. From painting red brick homes white, to renovating old-world dark homes, white adds much needed light and dimension to any space. We anticipate the barn will showcase a wide spectrum of accent colors throughout the years - from florals, to bridesmaids dress, to wedding decor. Any color under the sun will pop against a stark white background, and we are so excited to see the barn transformed each time color is added. Some say a diamond is forever - I say white is forever! 



Tile was our next love affair in designing The Nest. The dream for the barn was to have real wooden floors throughout, but in a heavily trafficked commercial space that would require constant repairs and upkeep, that dream wasn't feasible. While there is nothing like the real thing, tile is the next best thing. We select tile that mimics wood floors in our commercial and residential projects for the sheer fact of the upkeep is easy, and you still have the classic look of wood floors. Tile is such a wonderful product because it can be fabricated to mimic a specific look, and its uses are endless. We love to use tile in a more dramatic fashion, so the grand entry of The Nest has the wood tile laid in a herringbone pattern. The rest of the barn floors are covered in a vertical pattern of the same tile. Our tile floors add the perfect light touch to our all white barn and will last the test of time. 

Herringbone Tile .jpg
WoodTile .jpg


Quartz, granite, or marble - that is the question! In the past three years, I have seen a rise in using quartz countertops vs. granite and marble. Why? Though the beauty of marble offers a timeless look, the upkeep can be a bit of a hassle. Marble stains very easily, and has to be constantly sealed. It also comes with a hefty price tag. Granite is a product that we are seeing less and less of in new builds, and we are taking granite out in our remodel projects as well. Known for its dark to light speckled beauty, granite is a natural stone that has an easy upkeep, with a consumer-friendly price tag. So why is granite not as popular now? It has a new competitor - quartz. Quartz countertops became popular in Italy over 50 years ago, but we are just now seeing it being used on a much larger scale in America. Quartz is a natural mineral that can be engineered to any pattern or color, which makes it such a versatile product. We can now get the look of marble by using quartz, which we were drawn to for the barn. With an easy upkeep similar to granite, The Nest features the quartz "marble" in our entryway bar, bathrooms, and bridal suite countertops. We wanted the look of luxury without the price tag, and we achieved it by using a beautiful quartz product. In the coming years, I believe we will see quartz rise as the new number one countertop selection, as its beautiful design is perfected from quartz companies like Cambria

Countertops .jpg

The Nest at Ruth Farms was designed to portray a classic beauty that will never go out of style. Though the barn is new, it has elements of timeless design. There is something charming about getting married in a barn, and we pray that every couple that is married at The Nest never parts from one another. Some may say that is an unrealistic prayer, but if there is anything I have learned from the process of building The Nest, the Lord is in the business of meeting unrealistic needs and supernatural provision. With Jesus as our anchor, the future of The Nest at Ruth Farms is bright. 

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