I feel like God is showing me that, despite the wild and chaotic life I have knowingly signed up for, I can still experience the stability of establishment. The Lord, like the mountains I behold with great wonder and awe, does not move. He does not change. One of my (many) favorite verses in the Bible is Hebrews 13:8 - “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Something about those words brings peace to my soul. While my world may feel out of control, I have a constant, dependable anchor in the midst of it all.

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You Do You

Many of us wish we had what others have, or that we could be like they are, or do what they do, or date someone like they date, or succeed in our career like they succeed, or parent like they parent, or dress like they dress, or work where they work, or have a body shape like theirs, or have as many followers as them on social media or… {insert your particular envy situation here}. But when we wish for something that’s not our own, whatever name you give it—envy, jealousy, coveting or comparison— it’s nothing short of unbecoming. 

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Worship in the Wilderness

Just like the Israelites wandered the desert for years on end in search of the Promised Land, in our pursuit of Christ we often find ourselves in seasons of what seems like darkness and desert. One moment our spirits are on fire for God and ready to walk through whatever He calls us to, then something drastic happens and we ask God, “Where are you? Why am I here? I thought you promised...?” The fire that once burned inside our hearts suddenly shifts to doubt and we become clouded by doubt, wondering if we are still on the right path.

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Tori Elliot Comment

Fire and heat hurt, burn, and destroy. But those same characteristics of fire that cause us to fear it are also tools that can improve our lives, bring about beauty, and remove impurities. I think when the heat is turned up in our lives, we have a tendency to wince, to recoil, and to do everything we can do get away from the discomfort. We've been conditioned for so long to view fire and heat through a lens of fear that we do not know how to welcome it for its benefits. 

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Delaney Woodward Comments
There's Weight in the Wait

Do you remember when you were little, anxiously waiting for Christmas morning to arrive? Knowing that the items on your wish list would soon be underneath the tree. It was the most magical feeling in the whole world. As you got older, the waiting was too much to stand, so you inevitably snuck into your parents hiding place and took a peek. Waiting for something you have asked for is hard to do. But waiting for something you already know you have is even harder. 

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Maria MacEachen Comments
If she can do it, I can do it?

There are many forms of harmless competition in our society. There are competitions to see who can eat the most hotdogs. We call "front seat" and "dibs." We exclaim, “last one to the car is a rotten egg!" But there is also a form of competition that is insidious and destructive. This type of competition steals from the deep, satisfying peace of calling to pay the never-ending debt of "more". It tells you that you are not enough. How do we combat this competition from taking over our hearts? 

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Sarah Newman Comment
Zero Sum Game

Beauty is not a zero-sum game. Success is not a zero-sum game. Life is not a zero-sum game. We are God’s masterpiece: beautiful, talented, successful women. There is not a finite amount of beauty or success in this world, and if one person achieves something it does not mean another fails. 

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Jordan McKee Comment