Jackets for Every Shape

Jocelyn Garrity is the owner of The On Call Stylist and the editor of The Curvy Girl Stylist. She loves to teach women to dress for their body and personality - and most importantly, feel absolutely beautiful everyday.

Fall seems to be everyone's favorite season. It is the perfect time of year to walk hand in hand with your boo, crunching red leaves and drinking a latte. 

It is also an exciting time for style – you can add more layers than in summer, and still be cute without needing a down jacket & gloves.

It is important to know what styles and shapes work best for your body. The length & cut of a jacket can elongate your frame or make you look incredibly frumpy. I am here to help you see the difference! 

If you do not know which shape you are, click here for my step-by-step guide.  The reality is that every woman will not fit into one of these categories, but my guide will help you get an idea of your shape so that you can still receive tips on how to properly dress yourself.

jacket collage .png

The pear and hourglass cut may look similar, however they are different crops. The goal is to wear a jacket that crops at the tiniest part of your waist, creating an hourglass illusion - even if you are pear shaped.   

Pear & Hourglass Shape – AVOID jackets that fall mid-bum. You will lose your shape, and you may have one of those moments where you see yourself from a certain angle and feel extra frumpy. Let’s avoid that! 

Apple Shape - lean toward jackets that aren't darted or have too much extra material, like the peplum. Go for something that will drape over your body and create a long and sleek shape. 

Rectangular Shape - this shape is straight and narrow. Add volume to your shape with your clothes by wearing layers, frill, peplum, etc. 

I am an hourglass shape, although I am also top-heavy. Here is how I wear jackets to flatter my shape: 

Looking Back.jpg

My leather jacket is longer in the front than the back. This create a great silhouette for me! Shows off my bum, highlights my waist. No frumpiness here. 

cropped jacket.jpg

This cropped jacket was the perfect length for me - it covered my love handles while cutting above my bum, keeping me from looking frumpy. Paired with high waisted jeans, I was able to wear a crop top and feel comfortable! 

Long Jacket.jpg

I see why duster jackets have become such a trend! The length of this jacket allowed me to wear a tight jumpsuit without feeling self-conscious. It covered everything I would not want people to see.  Instead of cutting off my shape, this jacket elongated it.

It is important to know how to dress for your shape! Every piece you wear can change your look, and most importantly how you feel about yourself.

The more little tips you learn, the better!



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