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A couple years ago when culottes came back on the scene I was skeptical. I thought for sure that their awkward shin length and wide leg shape would make me look like a balloon. But because my momma taught me to give things a chance, I grabbed a pair at H&M and waltzed, cynically, into the dressing room. I pulled them on, turned a couple times in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I saw. They were actually cute and dare I say flattering. From that day on I was hooked.

Maybe you’ve cringed at culottes like I once did and have avoided them like the plague. I know they can be intimidating but I’m confident that with a couple styling tips and little push of encouragement, these comfortable and versatile pants will make their way into your hearts and into your wardrobe.



Here are my two super simple rules for styling culottes:

1. Balance the volume of the pants with a more fitted top.

2. Wear pants at your natural waist and tuck or tie your top to create shape.


You can see the difference in the the photo above when my shirt is tucked and untucked. I’m looking a little more on the frumpy and wide side when my shirt is untucked and more tailored and hourglass when my shirt is tucked.



One of the things I love most about the culottes style is how comfortable they are. More often than not they have an elastic waistband - speaking my language. It feels like being able to walk around in the most chic and socially acceptable pajamas ever.



At first glance culottes may seem similar to dress pants, like they only belong in the office. Don’t sell them short. They’re actually incredibly versatile and will soon be what you grab for more than any other piece in your closet.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to style culottes:

Cool in the Summer

The loose and flowy fit makes them easy breezy to rock as the Summer heat persists. Choose a pair in a cotton fabric for the most breathable effect.


Casual Cool

Give off a fun sporty vibe by pairing culottes with tennis shoes and a graphic tee with your favorite team hat.


Dressed Up

A cute off the shoulder top and a pair of funky heels make this a perfect date night outfit.


Bring Them Into Fall

Throw on an outer layer like a leather jacket, denim jacket or long cardigan with your favorite pair of ankle boots to bring culottes straight into Fall.


My best tip for rocking any new style is to pair it with something that you’re super comfortable and confident in. Whether it’s a bold shade of lipstick or your favorite plain white t-shirt, reach for something that you love and feel awesome in.