I love ASOS. I tell everyone I can about the online retailer because it has completely changed the way I shop and the way I dress. I've almost entirely given up shopping physical stores, which is something I thought I would never do! The beauty of ASOS is that there is SO much selection - hundreds (if not thousands) of items for every style, shape, and price range. Also, they always have a sale section that is up to 70% off - so if you're shopping on a budget, head straight there every time! You can find the cutest, on-trend clothes for really fantastic prices. Plus, you can pay $19 for an entire year of 2-day shipping (like Amazon Prime for clothes!) and they always have free, pre-paid shipping for returns. The biggest (and only?) drawback of ASOS is that it can become somewhat overwhelming if you do not know what you are looking for!

So this is the first in a series of articles written to give you the scoop on how to maximize ASOS' effectiveness in your own closet! I am starting off with a fall basics fashion roundup, with a lot of the trends I'm loving and a variety of options that will work for you! 

TREND ONE: Mom Jeans

I'm a big fan of this trend. Maybe it's because I recently became a mom myself - or maybe it's just because these jeans are comfortable, easy to wear, and a welcome departure from the super-skinny, super-tight, and super low-waisted jeans we've been squeezing into for years! Here are a few of my favorites from ASOS. 

TREND TWO: Cropped Sweaters 

The tricky part about wearing high-waisted jeans is pairing them with the right top. Anything too baggy on top, and you look like a blob. Anything too tight on top, and it doesn't balance the outfit properly. My personal preference is to pair high-waisted jeans with a cute cropped sweater that will show off your waistline, keep you comfortable, but won't make you look like a marshmallow! I'll caveat that by saying I'm not a huge fan of showing midriff, so I look for cropped sweaters that will hit right at the top of your jeans. Here are some cute examples from ASOS! 


True Chelsea boots are known for having an elastic side panel and a loop or tab on the back to help the wearer pull the boot on. These boots are super easy to pair with jeans and a sweater! One recommendation I have when it comes to wearing Chelsea Boots is not to wear jeans that are so long they tuck into the inside of the boot. It inevitably makes your legs look kind of dumpy and strange. I personally love wearing cropped or cuffed jeans with booties - showing just a bit of the ankle, like in the pictures below! I love so many of the cute women's styles coming out lately, and am looking forward to wearing some this fall! 

TREND FOUR: Neck TIE Scarves 

This cute little accessory is a great way to take your t-shirt and jeans to the next level! Neck Tie Scarves are a cute and cheap addition to any outfit, and look great with t-shirts, layered with jackets, or even tied up as a headband! 


With the slight chill in the air, we finally get to utilize my favorite tool in fashion: layering! I love being able to throw on a jacket over an outfit to change up the look entirely. It's widely being said that red is the color of the season, and that is obvious with the amount of crimson you can find at retailers everywhere. A good moto jacket is a classic piece to have in your closet, and I'm loving the red trend that is popping up! 

Well, that's all for now... but stay tuned for future ASOS Style Guides! Happy shopping!