How to Dress Your Baby Bump This Fall

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Fall is on the horizon, and so is my growing baby bump! It is my first time being pregnant during the cooler months, and I can’t say I haven’t been a little curious about what my maternal wardrobe might consist of! Last time I was pregnant during the summer. Outfits were made easy by throwing on a maxi dress and calling it good! Maxi dresses may not be the answer for dressing that baby bump in the fall, but a nice little velvet bodycon dress may be this season’s go to!

I am a huge fan of finding base pieces of clothing that are easy to layer and create new outfits with (Closet Thrifty)! That is why I fell in love with this black velvet bodycon dress. This dress is very versatile and is super stretchy making it comfortable no matter what size the bump. It is not a maternity dress, but will stretch as mommy continues creating a comfortable space for baby. This makes this dress 10 times better knowing that you will be able to wear it after pregnancy as well! 

There are 3 different ways that I have layered this dress in hopes that it may spark creativity of finding similar pieces in your own closet. The best part about these outfits is that you don’t have to be pregnant to rock em’! So go on and grab yourself a bodycon dress and start creating your fall wardrobe!

1. CASUAL: Can I just be the first to say that I am always a fan of casual because it mostly means that I am probably going to be able to wear a comfy pair of sneakers! We know how important a comfy pair of shoes are during pregnancy, so going casual is a definite win! In this look I have knotted a classic printed T-Shirt (my favorite) just right above my bump to give this look a more dressed down feel. Although this dress is velvet, the cotton T-shirt paired with some white converse relax the sophistication of the velvet material keeping the outfit cute and casual. As temperatures drop, adding a denim jacket to the outfit will complete this laid back look!


2. CHIC: This dress can have you going from looking casual during the day to chic mama at night! This look is perfect for that date night or girl’s night out before your sweet baby’s arrival! This look was put together by simply layering the black velvet bodycon dress over a fitted turtleneck. Pair it with your favorite fall booties and you have yourself a perfect outfit for a night out! This outfit would also be perfect paired with an open longline blazer for those cooler nights!


3. COZY: Nothing screams fall time like a nice cozy sweater! Let’s be honest, that is what most of us look forward to when thinking about this season! This dress allows you to rock that cozy sweater and be one comfortable mama! In this ensemble I have knotted a nice chunky knitted sweater to sit right below my belly and have given it an off the shoulder look. I completed the outfit with my favorite pair of fitted low-top rain boots to provide a more relaxed feel. 


As you can see there are many ways to “dress” your baby bump this fall! Bodycon dresses are perfect for layering and staying a comfortable fit during your entire pregnancy! For me, it beats wearing pants any day! I hope this inspires you to create many “bumpin’” looks with one dress this fall! 


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Velvet Dress

Casual Outfit: 

Printed T-Shirts 

Denim Jacket


Chic Outfit: 


Longline Blazer


Cozy Outfit:

Knitted Sweater

Rain Boots