Ten Things: Welcome Spring

Just under two years ago I moved from the sunny Southwest to the not-as-sunny Northeast. I prepped myself as best I could for that first winter; a new coat, a good pair of snow boots, and some new gloves became staples of my wardrobe for almost 5 months. As the winter dragged on, I became so excited for the spring; and for the first time in my life, I noticed the changing of the season. I compiled a list of things I noticed, things I truly saw for the first time, and realized how glorious spring is.

Surely some parts of the country have already completed the beautiful transition from the dreary winter to hopeful spring. If you, like I currently do, look out a window to see more grey than color, I encourage you to notice these 10 things in the coming weeks, to really appreciate the life flourishing on the earth.

Images via Allonzo Armijo

       1.       Step outside first thing the morning, and listen to the birds chirping in the sun

2.       Find excitement when you see the first bloom, no matter how small.

3.       Observe the energy of animals as they emerge from winter’s hiding

4.       Watch a tree grow into the fullness of itself; notice new the growth each day

5.       Smile the first time you walk outside and don’t brace yourself for a chill

6.       Note the time the sun sets today. Note it’s later time tomorrow, and enjoy the extra minutes of sunlight

7.       Breathe in the light, soft spring air

8.       Take in the vibrant green of spring grass; only around before the heat of summer sets in

9.       Visualize the new life being created as the drizzle of spring rain taps your window

10.     Appreciate the (scientifically proven!) happiness and extra energy the sun provides

I challenge you this spring to feel the changing and growing and refreshing of the earth, and mirror it in your soul as you bask in the Creator and His marvelous works. The newness of life in this season convinces me that the Garden of Eden was a perpetual spring; full of growth and beauty; hope and promise.

Cassidy Rhodes